Rauschen 2020/2021



2020 / 2021
Exhibition at Kunsthalle 8000
07. november 2020 till 14. february 2021

Kunsthalle 8000
Telos Stiftung
Zugerstrasse 180
8820 Wädenswil

Luigi Archetti, winner of the 2019/20 Art Prize awarded by the Telos Foundation, presents new and existing works on the diverse topic of "intoxication" in his exhibition, which extends over all three rooms of the Kunsthalle. In an astonishing way, he is able to make direct and indirect connections between the ostensibly different genres of visual art and experimental music visible.

In the centre
In the form of room and sound installations, as well as abstract painting, the artist, who lives in Zurich, has been dealing with content and symbols from the world of music for many years, and sometimes acts as a person in the center of the action.

A versatile artist
While the focus in the first two rooms of the Kunsthalle is on sculptural works and large-format paintings, the third and last room shows the video sound installation “Apodemica I-III”, in which Luigi Archetti and his electric guitar are juxtaposed on three projections merges himself and the sounds of his guitar into a one-man show. In this sound installation with astonishing compositional effect, the playful, analytical and at the same time ironic work of the versatile artist can be experienced in an exemplary way.



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