Luigi Archetti 2020 (Art Works)
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Visual artist and musician.
He lives and works in Zurich (CH)

Luigi Archetti's artistic work revolves around the interface between art and music, which he aims to make tangible in a variety of ways.
In his installation-based stagings he uses drawing, painting, video and sound to create tense and highly aesthetic spaces and complex reference systems.
The vocabulary of the music manifests itself not only in ideas and the way works are realized, but also in the direct use of objects and concepts from this genre.
Luigi Archetti stages the space as an image carrier in which various impulses – visual and tonal – encounter one another.

Luigi Archetti
Kunsthalle Wil
07. march - 18. april 2021
Finissage: sunday, 18. April 2021 / 11:00 - 17:00
For the exhibition “SOUNDOFF” Luigi Archetti designed the space of the Kunsthalle Wil as a picture carrier and sound body, visual and sound impulses meet atmospherically.
The vocabulary of music is not only manifested in the ideas and implementation of Archetti's works, it also appears in the direct use of objects and terminology from this branch.

In the simultaneous perception of sound and image, fluctuating realities arise.

Kunsthalle Wil
Grabenstrasse 33
9500 Wil / SG
+41 71 913 43 73
Luigi Archetti
Apodemica I - III
Germann Lorenzi
Volume 5:
Brigham Baker
Irene Düring
Andrea Heller
Ilona Ruegg
Annelies Strba
30. april 2021 – 17. july 2021
Kunsthalle 8000
Zugerstrasse 120
8820 Wädenswil / CH
More information: kunsthalle8000

Edition-VfO, Zürich

Luigi Archetti
Michael Günzburger
Marius Lüscher
Karin Sander
Elza Sile
Christine Streuli
Selina Trepp
The exhibition "Material Transformation" brings together seven different artistic positions with numerous new works.
The artists explore an overarching theme that surveys technical and media-spcific possibilities, namely, to understand printmaking as an open and discursive artistic medium.
Comments on the three lithographs by Luigi Archetti:
The term "Partituren (Interferenzen)" meaning "Scores (Interferences)" as the title of the new lithographic series suggests the recording of a polyphonic music.
Visually, a musical composition is asserted. Is this a pictorial transposition of music? Or does the sheet stand for an acoustically tuned space?
Hatches, strokes, lines form condensations and spaces, bend and clench and strive towards and away from each other. They are undetermined spaces that allow for multi-layered interpretations.
Caption to the above pictures
Partituren (Interferenzen) I, 2020
Edition of: 18
Size: 42 cm x 29,7 cm
Production: Thomi Wolfensberger, Zurich

Opening hours
Thu-Fri 14-18h
Sa 12-16h
T +41 44 241 53 00
Edition VfO
Verena-Conzett-Strasse 7
8004 Zürich
Podcast with Luigi Archetti: Verein für Originalgrafik, Zürich
StudioK3’s Art Cabinet will be present at the Art Museum Olten as a permanent installation from 28th November 2020
Luigi Archetti
Clare Goodwin
Germann Lorenzi
Uriel Orlow
Katja Schenker
Sabian Baumann
Ana Strika
Una Szeemann
Navid Tschoop
Athene Galaciadis
Valentin Hauri
…. and others

More Informations: Studio K3, Zürich

Luigi Archetti
07. november 2020 – 10. april 2021
Kunsthalle 8000
Zugerstrasse 120
8820 Wädenswil / CH
More information: Kunsthalle 8000


Luigi Archetti
Partituren (Null), 2019
Canção enigmática: relações entre arte e som nas coleções
Museu de Arte Moderna
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
01. december 2019 - 01. march 2020


Luigi Archetti
Kunstplattform Emmenbrücke
26. January – 24. March 2019

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