Apodemica I - III 2015 - 2017

Videostills from: APODEMICA II, 2016, Video, 1920x1080 p25 I, Stereo, Loop, 01:12:57

Extract from APODEMICA II on Vimeo (Musik für Reifenspuren)

Extract from APODEMICA II on Vimeo (Musik für Woodstock)

Project description

“Man reist ja nicht um anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen.” J. W. Goethe
(Trans. After all, one does not travel in order to arrive, but to travel.)

Apodemics is the art and theory of travel. It emerged in the early modern era along with the great voyages of discovery. Apodemics stimulated a need to conduct research, to discover, to understand and, consequently, the desire to travel. The project APODEMICA (Greek apodhmo = away from home, to travel) is the interaction between a given situation and me, the performer. The different places and occurrences found while travelling provide the inspiration and settings for my performative interventions.

The project APODEMICA is a long-term project, which I have been working on over a longer period and, within its framework, have already undertaken two extensive journeys: first to Norway and Denmark and at a later date to New York and Maine, USA. The project is still ongoing.

While one is travelling, the focus of attention is on hearing and observing; above all on the registering of ‘incidental scenarios’ of the special qualities of the everyday, and of moments that primarily emphasise what is ‘inconspicuous’ and ‘unobtrusive’.
Performative actions are tried out and staged. I observe the immediate surroundings using my ears and I hear the surroundings with my eyes.

During my stay in Iceland I will observe acoustic environments at a particular site, for example, the individual soundscapes of biotopes or residential areas. I will listen in on scenes that are determined by people, by animals.
I will pay attention to the interplay of acoustic appearances that are produced by and in a space. Only the tiniest of nuances might lend a specific characteristic to a sound pattern and, as a result, make it unique.

The term ‘observation’ allows for creative vagueness. It can refer to see-scape, space, atmosphere, situations, etc. Instances of observation and scenes contain messages, everyday references, symbols, and feelings. The viewer is at the same time observer and co-designer of his/her immediate visual environment.

In the landscape or in an inhabited area, individual smaller performances will be developed and staged. These will not be determined in advance. The decisions taken will all be of an intuitive nature.
The individual performative moments will consist of actions that are not motivated by any narrative. These scenes will be recorded and documented on video. In the video, the individual performative interventions will be shown uncut and without any other effects. This process, which is intended to have a seductive quality, is aimed at a concentration of the moment of the specific performative act.



Videostills from: APODEMICA III, 2017, Video, 1920x1080 p25 I, Stereo, Loop, 01:05:20